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Current Sensor Acs711ex -15,5a ~ +15,5a
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Brand: MaxCam Model: 0j7455
Deska Pro Měření Proudu Na Základě Hallova Jevu. This Board Is A Simple Carrier Of Allegro’s Âą15.5 A ACS711 Hall Effect-based Linear Current Sensor With Overcurrent Fault Output, Which Offers A Low-resistance (~0.6 M??) Current Path And Electrical Iso.....
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Expansion Module With 4 Relays For Lan / Gsm Controller
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Brand: MaxCam Model: 1002917
Rozšiřující Deska 4 Relé. Určeno Pro Připojení K LAN Controlleru Nebo GSM V2 Regulátoru. Každé Relé Lze Samostatně Zapnout / Vypnout. Hlavní Použití Je řízení Až čtyř Elektrických Zařízení. Modul Je Vybaven 10cm Dlouhým Kabelem Pro Připojení K Základní.....
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Expansion Module With 5 Relays For Lan / Gsm Controller V2 (16a/12v Dc)
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: GSMKON-018
The 5 Relays Board. After Connecting To GSM V3 Controller Each Relaycan Be Independently Turned On/off. Main Application Is Managing By Up To Four Electric Devices.\r\n\r\nNote: Power Supply 8.4-30V. 4 Relays Connected With Tape And The Fifth Relay..
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: LANKON-010
Sensor For Temperature And Humidity.Cooperating With LanKontrolerem LK3 Only.\r\n\r\nwith 1mb Cables And Socket RJ12 6P6C\r\n\r\nsensor ( AM2320 )\r\nfor Measuring Humidity Works In The Range Of 0% -99.9% RH With An Accuracy Of ±3% RH And Resol..
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Relays Board 10a V3
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: LANKON-94
Accessory Board With 4pcs Of High Quality Relpol RM50 Relays. After Connecting To Lan Controller V3 Each Relay Can Be Independently Turned On/off. Present LED\'s For State Signalling. Relay Have One Switched Output Available On Terminal: NO,C NC.\r\nBoard..
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The Sensor Contactron
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Brand: MaxCam Model: DETEKT-002
The Magnetic Contacts Are An Important Element Of The Security System When Connecting To A Remote Extension Lankontrolera Allowing Also For The Protection Of Doors, Windows And Other Moving Parts. - Temperature Range: -50 To +125 Degrees C; - Accuracy:.....
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Tinycontrol Ac Current Clamp Sensor Sct-01 For Lan Controller
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: LANESP-041
Non-invasive Current Transformer, Measurement Is Possible After Putting Magnetic Clamps On A Single Wire. Sensor Will Not Measure When Put On All Cable: Current And Ground Wire Together. Output Voltage Is Alternate Voltage Proportional To Current In Ma..
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: 1002926
Propojovací 35cm Kabel Mezi DHT22 A Lan Controlerem;..
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Tinycontrol Control Board On/off/pwm For Lan Controller V3
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: LANKON-088
The Board Is Designed As An Overlay On Lan Controller In The Second Version And Is Located In The Original Housing. It Is Equipped With 4 High-power MOSFETs That Can Be Used To Power Devices With Power Consumption 1-3A. By Controlling The Switching Of..
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Brand: Tinycontrol
Propojovací Kabel Mezi Splitterem A Lan Controlerem S Délkou 1m. Čidlo Je Připojeno 3 Vodičově, Kabel Je 4 Vodičový ( 1 žíla Je Nezapojena) Krajní Vodiče V Konektoru RJ-12 Jsou Nezapojeny...
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Tinycontrol Moisture / Flooding Sensor
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Brand: Tinycontrol Model: LANKON-065
Sensor Is Open Electric Curcuit With Operational Amplifier. After Putting Measuring Element (board) To Wet Ground On Analog Output A0 Appear Voltage Inversely Proportional To Soil Conductivity. It Is If This Base Will Be Completely Dry, Output Voltage .....
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