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29 Dec Aviat 4000
32 7824
The WTM 4000 platform delivers ultra-high capacity in single or dual-transceiver architecture, optimized for all-outdoor applications. With up to 2.5 Gbit/s of throughput in a single unit, WTM 4000 supports all microwave bands with cutting edge networking features to set the benchmark for next generation backhaul and transport requirements.Maximum ..
29 Dec Aviat 4800
24 6689
The WTM 4800 is the benchmark for ultra-high capacity 4G and 5G backhaul needs, supporting a unique dual transceiver design for E-Band and Multi-Band applications up to 20 Gbps, all in a single radio unit. WTM 4800 reduces TCO by providing a compelling alternative multi-channel microwave, with fewer boxes, lower spectrum fees and seamless remote ca..
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