The WTM 4000 platform delivers ultra-high capacity in single or dual-transceiver architecture, optimized for all-outdoor applications. With up to 2.5 Gbit/s of throughput in a single unit, WTM 4000 supports all microwave bands with cutting edge networking features to set the benchmark for next generation backhaul and transport requirements.

  1. Maximum capacities up to 2.5 Gbit/s per link in microwave bands from 5 to 42 GHz, up to 20 Gbit/s in 80 GHz E-Band, or up to 10 Gbit/s in Multi-Band applications.
  2. WTM 4000 is the only microwave platform to support Aviat’s unique Adaptive DualCarrier (A2C+) capability, enabling double capacity using a single microwave transceiver
  3. WTM 4000 provides a powerful microwave networking solution allowing “transparent” connections, or comprehensive Carrier Ethernet (CE), or IP/MPLS operation.

Comprising WTM 4100, WTM 4200 and WTM 4500, the WTM 4000 series includes the very latest capacity innovations, including 4096 QAM, 112 MHz channels, Adaptive Dual-Carrier and Multi-Layer Header Compression, with single and dual-transceiver configurations, all in a compact all-outdoor device.

With a self-contained architecture, integrated highspeed Ethernet switch, and optimized for full-outdoor implementation, WTM 4000 also supports split-mount applications used with Aviat’s CTR 8000 Transport Switch/Router.
WTM 4000 supports best-in-class system gain performance for longer reach, smaller antennas, improved link availability and lower TCO, with advanced radio features such as XPIC operation, radio link bonding (L1LA) and LOS MIMO.

Advanced networking options include the very latest in Carrier Ethernet switching, Ethernet OAM, packet based synchronization and SDN. WTM 4000 is the only all outdoor radio upgradeable to support L3 IP/MPLS and includes a full suite of high-security features.