The WTM 4800 is the benchmark for ultra-high capacity 4G and 5G backhaul needs, supporting a unique dual transceiver design for E-Band and Multi-Band applications up to 20 Gbps, all in a single radio unit. WTM 4800 reduces TCO by providing a compelling alternative multi-channel microwave, with fewer boxes, lower spectrum fees and seamless remote capacity upgrades

  1. Dramatically lower your spectrum fees by moving link capacity to lower cost E-Band spectrum as an alternative to traditional microwave bands.
  2. Reduce tower related costs with WTM 4800 single-box dual-channel E-Band and Multi-Band solutions, compared to alternatives that need multiple radios and an indoor unit
  3. Simple capacity upgrades that can be purchased online at Aviat Store and downloaded remotely to increase link capacity with no additional equipment or site visits.
WTM 4800 is a unique and versatile solution that can support single and dual channel 80 GHz E-Band or dual-channel Multi-Band links, with integrated XPIC and L1LA traffic aggregation, all in a compact one-box architecture. WTM 4800 Multi-Band (MB) is a breakthrough wireless solution that enables 10 Gbps wireless connectivity between two sites, over distances up to and exceeding 10 km. WTM 4800 MB combines a single 80 GHz E-Band channel with either one or two channels (using Aviat A2C+) in a traditional microwave band between 11 and 23 GHz, all contained with a single compact outdoor device. As a part of the comprehensive WTM 4000 platform, WTM 4800 also supports Carrier Ethernet switching, Ethernet OAM and IEEE 1588v2 packet-based synchronization, AES Payload Encryption, native Netconf/Yang management interface, and is software upgradeable to support L3 IP routing and Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS).