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Cable Management System

Cable management system
Brand: Masterlan Model: CM-5-MS
The Cable Management Panel Is Fully Universal And Is Usable For All Types Of 19 \"cabinets. The Panel Has A Height Of 1U, Black Color And On Its Front Side Is 5 × Plastic Clip With A Size Of About 3 × 6 Cm For Attaching Cables In The Data Cabinet...
Ex Tax:€7.15
Brand: EuroLan Model: LY-CM-32
All-metal Patch Panel With 16 Spaces For 19\" Cabinets, Height 1U...
Ex Tax:€6.41
Masterlan Cable Management Panel 1u, 24 Spaces, Plastic
Out Of Stock
Brand: Masterlan Model: LY-CM-31
Masterlan Plastic Cable Management Panel 1U, 24 Spaces...
Ex Tax:€7.39
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