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Crimping Pliers

Crimping pliers
Brand: EuroLan Model: LY-T208M
Very Good And Simple Designed Crimping Pliers For RJ-45 Connectors. The Mechanism Ensures That All 8 Contacts Are Straight And Evenly Pushed Into The Connector Body, Thus Reducing Occasional Problems With Poor Contact Between The Knife In The Co..
Ex Tax:€3.30
Brand: Masterlan Model: LY-336G
Masterlan Pliers LY-336G Are Designed For Crimping Coax Connectors On Cables: RG58, 59, 62, 174, 140...
Ex Tax:€14.58
Brand: Masterlan Model: CT-006-MS
Crimping Pliers CT-006-MS With Ratchet Is Used For Crimping Connectors 10P10C (RJ50), 8P8C (RJ-45), 6P6C (RJ12) And 6P4C (RJ-11).\r\n\r\nIn Addition To Crimping, Crimping Pliers Can Also Stripping The Sheath And Cut Cables...
Ex Tax:€26.99
Brand: Masterlan Model: CT-004-MS
Set Of Crimping Pliers And 4 Pairs Of Replaceable Jaws In A Plastic Case. For Stamping Of The Most Common Types Of Press Fittings And Couplings.\r\n\r\nPackage Inlcudes\r\n\r\nFive Interchanble Jaws\r\nLI 0,5-6 Jaw (on Insulated Lug..
Ex Tax:€55.29
Brand: Masterlan Model: CT-003-MS
Masterlan CT-003-MS Are Designed For Crimping Uninsulated Cable Lugs On Cables Of Different Diameters. Width Of Individual Press Holes 3, 4, 5 Mm.\r\n\r\nThe Following Cable Diameters Can Be Crimped:\r\n\r\n0.5-1.0 Mm2\r\n1.5-2.5 Mm2..
Ex Tax:€11.96
Brand: Solarix Model: DEC HT-2008AR
These Pliers Can Be Used For Crimping Most Connectors That Are Used In Connection With Structured Cabling (ie. RJ45 8p8c, RJ12 6p6c, RJ11 6p4c, RJ10 4p4c And 4p2c). The Pliers Are Made Of Quality Material, Which Ensures Their Long Life And Relia..
Ex Tax:€69.49
Brand: Solarix Model: HT-N3
Solarix HT-N3 Crimping Pliers Are Designed For Crimping Solarix Connectors Marked KRJS45/6ASLD. The Pliers Are Made Of Quality Material, Which Ensures Their Long Life And Reliability...
Ex Tax:€77.21
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