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Brand: IgniteNet Model: ICC-BRACKET-LC
The MetroLinq™ LC Precision Bracket Is A Cost-competitive Precision Bracket That Is Robust And Easy To Aim, Making It A Perfect Choice For High Volume Installation Of MetroLinq™...
Ex Tax:€25.70
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ICC-LA-BT
The LinqAssist™ Bluetooth Module Is The Ultimate Tool To Speed Up And simplify The Install Of Your MetroLinq™ Devices. Simply Plug In The Device To The USB Port On Your MetroLinq™ Device And Instantly Get Live RSSI Reporting To Your Mobile Devic..
Ex Tax:€5.35
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ML-60-30-18-EU
IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 (ML-60-30-18-EU) Is The First PTMP Device Of The World With Such A excellent Price Per 1Mbps And The Overall Throughput 1 Gbit/s Half Duplex. The Biggest Advantage Of MetroLinq 60 Is Transferring Data In The unli..
Ex Tax:€183.94
Brand: IgniteNet Model: MLTG-360
MLTG-360 Is A Terragraph Certified Distribution Node (DN). MLTG-360 Has 4 Radios, Supporting 360° Coverage. Each Radio Of MLTG-360 Equipped With A 256-element Beamforming Phased Array Antenna, Supporting up To 1.8 Gbps Bi-direction..
Ex Tax:€201.05
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