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Brand: IgniteNet Model: ML-SCOPE-9x50
ML-SCOPE-9x50 Is Telescope Tool For Correct Aiming And Easier Installation Of MetroLinq 60 Units. Telescope Is Compatible With All MetroLinq 60 Versions And Installation Is Very Easy With Only One Screw, Which Is Located Directly On The Telescope...
Ex Tax:€114.47
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ICC-BRACKET-LC
The MetroLinq™ LC Precision Bracket Is A Cost-competitive Precision Bracket That Is Robust And Easy To Aim, Making It A Perfect Choice For High Volume Installation Of MetroLinq™...
Ex Tax:€27.86
Brand: IgniteNet Model: GL-O-1GE-1C-EU
The IgniteNet GLinq Outdoor Converter Is A Powerful Ethernet Over Coax Converter That Enables Service Providers To Deliver Gigabit Speeds Via Existing And New Coax Cabling Infrastructure. The GLinq System Is Ideal For Both Providing Bandwidth To Buildi..
Ex Tax:€58.97
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ICC-LA-BT
The LinqAssist™ Bluetooth Module Is The Ultimate Tool To Speed Up And simplify The Install Of Your MetroLinq™ Devices. Simply Plug In The Device To The USB Port On Your MetroLinq™ Device And Instantly Get Live RSSI Reporting To Your Mobile Devic..
Ex Tax:€5.81
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ML2.5-60-35-EU
IgniteNetTM’s MetroLinq™ 2.5 - 60 Is The World’s First cost-effective High Capacity 60GHz PTP Radio Enabling High Performance, interference-free Connections Worldwide. The MetroLinq™ 2.5 - 60 Has An Added Advantage Of being License-fr..
Ex Tax:€282.61
Brand: IgniteNet Model: B-ML2.5-60-35-EU
Jedná Se O Refurbished Jednotku. Zařízení Má Od Výrobce Novou Elektroniku, Ale Tělo Antény Nese Známky Používání; MetroLinq 60 Od Firmy IgniteNet Je První PTP Pojítko Na Světě S Takto Skvělou Cenou Za 1Mbps A Celkovou Propustností 2,5Gbit/s Half Duplex.....
Ex Tax:€216.11
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ML-60-30-18-EU
IgniteNet MetroLinq 60 (ML-60-30-18-EU) Is The First PTMP Device Of The World With Such A excellent Price Per 1Mbps And The Overall Throughput 1 Gbit/s Half Duplex. The Biggest Advantage Of MetroLinq 60 Is Transferring Data In The unli..
Ex Tax:€199.43
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ML1-60-35-EU
IgniteNet MetroLinq One 60 Is The First PTP Link Of The World With Such A excellent Price Per 1Mbps And The Overall Throughput 1 Gbit/s Half Duplex. The Biggest Advantage Of MetroLinq One 60 Is Transferring Data In The unlicensed 60GHz..
Ex Tax:€123.70
Brand: IgniteNet Model: MLTG-360
MLTG-360 Is A Terragraph Certified Distribution Node (DN). MLTG-360 Has 4 Radios, Supporting 360° Coverage. Each Radio Of MLTG-360 Equipped With A 256-element Beamforming Phased Array Antenna, Supporting up To 1.8 Gbps Bi-direction..
Ex Tax:€1,162.55
Brand: IgniteNet Model: ICC-BRACKET-LR
The MetroLinq™ Long Range Bracket Is A Precision Tool Designed To Give Ultimate Accuracy And Stability For The Links That Maximize The Distance Of The MetroLinq™ Radio. With The Offset Design You Can Install Maximize The Number Of Units On Your Tower...
Ex Tax:€68.26
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