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Brand: TP-Link Model: Tapo P100(2-pack)
The Tapo P100 Is A Remotely Controllable Power Outlet With WiFi, Bluetooth And Schedule Timer, A Very Compact Size, A Decent Design, And Is Capable Of Turning Off And On Up To 2300W (10A).\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n..
Ex Tax:€22.58
Brand: TP-Link Model: Tapo P115(1-pack)
Tapo P115 Is A remote Controlled Electrical Socket With WiFi, Bluetooth And Timer, Very Decent Dimensions (49 × 49 × 60 Mm), Beautiful Simple Design And Is Able To Turn Off/turn On The Device Up To A Power Of up To 3 680 W (16..
Ex Tax:€17.04
Brand: TP-Link Model: Tapo P300
Tapo P300 Is A remote Controllable 3-socket Extension Cord With WiFi And 1.5 Long Power Cable, Bluetooth, Additional USB Power Ports (2× USB, 1× USB-C, Max . 18 W), With A Beautiful Simple Design And The Ability To Turn Off/on The Dev..
Ex Tax:€36.93
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