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Minipci Cards

Mini PCI is a subset of the PCI interface that uses a significantly smaller card form factor.

Supporting only 3.3 volts and 32 bits of the PCI specification, Mini PCI was designed for peripherals such as network adapters in laptops, but also wound up in DVD players, HDTVs and other devices. 

Brand: Compex Model: WLE600V5-23
WLE600V5-23 Je 802.11ac Bezdrátový Adaptér, Který Pracuje V Pásmu 5 GHz A Je K Distopizici V PCI-e Provedení. Díky QCA9882 Chipsetu WLE600V5-23 Výrazně Zvyšuje Celkovou Propustnost Až Na 867Mbps Při 2x2 MIMO. Využití Revoluční 11ac Technologie, WLE600V.....
Ex Tax:€14.08
Brand: Compex Model: WLM200N5-23ESD
Nový Duální 802.11a/n MiniPCI Adaptér Od Compexu, MIMO 2T2R 300Mbps Pro Pásmo 5GHz, Je Založen Na AR Chipu 9220 A Je Chráněna Integrovanou ESD Ochranou (15KeV). Rychlý A Stabilní Datový Tok Zajišťuje HighPower Výstupní Výkon 23dBm (na Kanál) / 26dBm (4.....
Ex Tax:€24.00
Brand: MikroTik Model: R11e-2HnD
R11e-2HnD Is A Low-profile Lower Power Version Of Our 2.4Ghz MiniPCIe Card - It Has A Small Heat-sink, U.Fl Connector And Less Output Power (800mW). Low Profile Is Useful If You Need To Install The Card In Device Like A Laptop...
Ex Tax:€29.40
Brand: MikroTik Model: R11e-LTE
R11e-LTE Is A LTE Card Designed For The MiniPCI-express Slot And Is Equipped With Two U.Fl Connectors For Connecting External Antennas. The Card Supports Widely Used LTE Bands With Frequencies 2100, 1900, 1800, 2600, 900 And 800MHz. The Card Is Backwar..
Ex Tax:€69.39
Brand: MikroTik Model: R11e-LTE6
The R11e-LTE6 Is An LTE CAT6 Modem That Delivers Up To 300 Mbps Downlink And 50 Mbps Uplink Data Rate With 3G And 2G Network Fallback. CAT6 Also Features Carrier Aggregation And Allows The Device To Use Multiple Bands At The Same Time. This MiniPCIe Fo..
Ex Tax:€90.55
Brand: MikroTik Model: R52HnD
The R52HnD Is An Update To Popular MiniPCI Wireless Card R52n-M. It Works In Either 2.4 Or 5GHz And Now Has Even Higher Power 400mW (26dBm)...
Ex Tax:€39.99
Brand: Turris Model: RTROM01-WS3294
WiFi Card RTROM01-WS3294 Is A Wireless MiniPCI-e Card With 4× U.Fl Connectors, Support For WPA2 Encryption, Modulation Speed Up To 1733 Mbps In The 5GHz Band (4×4 MU -MIMO) Or 600 Mbps In The 2.4GHz Band (4×4 MU-MIM..
Ex Tax:€50.05
Brand: Ubiquiti Networks Model: SR71-15
UBNT SR71-15 Mini PCI Card With Excellent Sensitivity 97dBm With Output Power 500mW. This Card Belongs To The Proven Very Powerful Line Of SuperRange Cards. Its Advantages Are A High Range Of Operating Temperatures And Very High Sensitivity. This Card..
Ex Tax:€17.49
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