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Point-to-Point Links

There are many reasons why you wish to create a long-distance wireless link, whether you are connecting two offices networks together or perhaps just creating a link to your friend down the road provide fully preconfigured solutions so all you have to do is worried about fitting the link in the correct location.

IMPORTANT: clear Line of Sight is an important factor. If you are unable to see one end of the link from the other it is likely that the link will not work, depending of course on what is in the way.

The wireless signal will not go through mountains, hills or large obstacles such as buildings. Vegetation will also reduce your signal markedly. A successful wireless link requires you to be able to see one antenna from the other, even if you need a telescope to do so.

If you do not have line of sight, please call our experts at +353 61 514444 before placing order.

If you need Taylor Made product or Multipoint kit, call our experts at +353 61 514444

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