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Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00037-01(A5c-EF)
Increased Capacity At Each Site\r\nWith Integrated High Precision GPS Sync Technology, New A5c Sectors Can Easily Be Added At Existing Mimosa A5 And B5 Sites And Reuse The Same Channel. This Saves Valuable, Scarce Unlicensed Spectrum Resources W..
Ex Tax:€628.65
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00107(A5x)
Compact And Powerful, The A5x Is Built For Short To Long-range Pole And Tower Point-to-multipoint (PTMP) Applications. In Situations Where The Power And Range Of The 4x4 A5c Access Point Isn\'t Needed, The Connectorized, 2x2 A5x Is The Perfect Solution...
Ex Tax:€273.47
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00001(B5)
The Mimosa B5 Backhaul Radio Is, Hands Down, The Easiest To Use And Highest Capacity Unlicensed 5 GHz Backhaul Solution For Short And Mid-range Link Applications. It’s IIdeal For Collocation Applications, Relay Sites, And Building-to-building Settings...
Ex Tax:€702.86
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00014(B5c)
The Mimosa B5c Is The Industry’s Fastest Connectorized Unlicensed And Public Safety Connectivity Solution, Allowing Virtually Any Antenna To Be Used For Long Distance Point-to-point Backhaul. The B5c Is Ideal For Long-range Relay And Tower Links, And C..
Ex Tax:€497.26
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00066(C5)
The Mimosa C5 Is An Easy, Rugged And Blazing Fast Endpoint Client Device For The Most Deployment Applications In The Highly Scalable Mimosa C5 Multipoint Solution. Incorporating Unique Multi-User MIMO Technology, And TDMA Client Technology For The Mimo..
Ex Tax:€121.42
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00018(C5c)
C5c Has Been Designed Specifically To Handle Long-range Backhaul (PTP), Point-to-multipoint (PTMP) GigaPoP Links, And PTMP MicroPoP Links Impaired By Vegetation. Connectorized By Design, The C5c Mates With Many Popular Antennas, Delivering 500+ Mbps Of..
Ex Tax:€180.63
Brand: Mimosa Model: 100-00085(C5x)
The Mimosa C5x Is The Industry’s Most Versatile, Modular, Radio Solution With five Gain Options (8, 12, 16, 20 And 25dBi). The Ultra-rugged Solution Provides Extended Frequency Operation From 4.9–6.4 GHz, With Best-in-class Noise I..
Ex Tax:€91.83
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